English summary

The Merkelbachschool is a public, regular primary school located in Amsterdam-Zuid, neighbouring the buzzing Zuidas district. Currently we have about 190 pupils in 8 groups.
We are housed in a very pleasant, modern and easily accessible multi-purpose building designed by architect Erick van Egeraat. In the same building also a nursery, a kindergarten, after school care and a parent-child center are established.  


Our pupils and parents are a reflection of Amsterdam society with different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. A unique blend that we are quite proud of, just as the individual and open character of our school.


In a modern school, contemporary learning resources are required. That is why we work with learning materials adapted to the needs of our time. We use digital blackboards and computers in all groups. In group 4-8 we also use tablets in the classroom. The software presents individual feedback to our pupils to challenge or support them. 


In our globalized world and in an international city as Amsterdam it is increasingly important to be able to speak English. Not only because it is the leading language in world wide digital communication but also because in our district many children live with parents who are deployed in the Netherlands by an international company. Therefore we teach the English language in all groups at the Merkelbachschool. This makes us a so called VVTO-school, which stands for Early Foreign Language Learning. In groups 1/2 we use Groove Me, a method which stimulates language learning by singing. In groups 3-8 we use Take it Easy, a method using texts, songs, movies and games to learn English. Recent research of the CITO Institute showed VVTO school pupils score signifcantly better for their English exams in secondary schools.


The average Cito score of our group 8 pupils last year was 539,8 points (national average 535,3). More information on our school can be found here on our website (in Dutch) or at Kwaliteitswijzer Basisonderwijs Amsterdam. There you will find the learning outcomes of all Amsterdam primary schools (math, language and spelling). That information can also be found on the website of our schoolboard.

We are very happy to introduce you to our school without any obligation. Please fill in the request form if you are interested in meeting us and we will come back to you soon. Of course it is also possible to register your child/children directly. In that case please go to our registration landingpage for more information and download the form. Feel free to call us if you need any help.